IT Outsourcing

After 16 years of service experience accumulation, we have established a standardized work flow, we insist on regular and systematic inspecting, arranging, optimizing and safety planning for the customers' IT facilities, in order to identify problems ahead of time and eliminate incipient fault, and to concentrate on making sure the smooth and efficient of enterprise IT environment operation.

Fast and professional! 2 hour emergency response, a wide variety of service modes, professional one-stop network technical services.

Regular routine inspection

Arrange the technician to solve the IT problem within the appointed time, on-site service time and frequency can be determined by the customer.

Emergency service

The service team is always ready and responding quickly with good and professional customer service consciousness. Technicians should be assigned within 15 minutes after receive repairing request, and arrive within 2 hours for city field solving service.

IT planning and suggestion

Customize the development of IT system based on the actual requirements and budget of the enterprise, and help enterprises to understand the latest IT application technology and product capacity related fields.

Systematic IT management

Strict service process and professional specification, accurate management of each service record, regularly provide service analysis report, call back for engineer service and customer feedback.

Remote IT Service

Bizsmooth uses its core product-BizHelpdesk remote maintenance platform to provide IT service for samll or medium enterprises.

Software Introduction

BizHelpdesk is a remote maintenance software with full independent property rights of Bizsmooth, and supported by national innovation fund. This software is widely applied to our clients, stable and well received.

Applicable Situation

If the number of computers is less or business requirements for computer applications is not high, and in most cases, IT environment is good, but even so, still need a partner, so that problems can be solved at any time.

Service Content

Network security such as viruses, Trojans, spyware removal
System optimization such as computer running slow, blue screen of death, crashes
Software support and other related services

Security Guarantee

BizHelper is remote assistance instead of remote control, and the unique security design is guaranteed by transport layer encryption technology.All operations of the remote personnel are visible by client and recorded by the security module.

Convenient and Efficient

No need to wait a long time for on-site technicians, any time, any place and any device, with the network connectivity, a single mouse click can let you access remote IT platform efficiently and safely, then help you solve problems in time.

Cost Saving

Traditional computer maintenance needs to take on-site service. The BizHelper remote service requires less service fees, can have a computer expert on call.

Classified Information Related Business

The secret work of the military classified enterprise is higher than all, and all the work must have strict confidentiality measures,
enterprises that provide services must also have strict secrecy technical measures and management measures.
Bizsmooth has Security confidentiality conditions record certificate for military service consulting service,we have a large number of customers with secret military units and a lot of professional experience in IT service for this industry.

IT Service

IT peripheral device operation and maintenance:
Duplicator/printer operation and maintenance, office machines operation and maintenance,
under the premise of secrecy guarantee, make the customer convenient.
IT System Maintenance:
Helpdesk,network infrastructure and server maintenance.
Data Service:
In accordance with the requirements of confidentiality, help customers destroy and recover data, and provide technical support under the strict control of the customer.
Product Maintenance:
Maintenance services for special products, and the service personnel not only have the knowledge of the products, but also have the consciousness of secrecy and technical measures.
Training Service:
Make full use of the training resources of Bizsmooth, and the independent development of the confidential knowledge learning and examination system, to provide customers with considerate service.

Products Service

Bizsmooth has accumulated service experience in military secrecy field for many years.
have rich knowledge and skills for all kinds of product brands used in the secrecy system,
can provide product procurement, installation and configuration services for the special requirement of the customer.
In particular, make confidentiality technology treatment for some equipments after the purchase,
such as dismantling the wireless module of the notebook.

Service Advantage

Bizsmooth combines services and training effectively,
has accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge in IT field,
can bring additional value to the customers during the service process.
Bizsmooth pays great attention to the use of technical means to solve the problem.
Using the independent development system in the training business,
The confidential knowledge learning and examination platform is developed independently in the business related to the secret service.
It has advanced the promotion of secret awareness of secret related personnel and the continuous learning of related technology and management measures.

IT Infrastructure Construction

Bizsmooth has all kinds of IT infrastructure construction talents with years of experience in all industries, government departments and institutions, the service professionals all have many years of experience,including pre-sale consultation, project design, equipment procurement, project implementation, and acceptance delivery.

Classic Case

Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion
Website Construction and Maintenance

Strong R&D strength and technical advantage made Bizsmooth standout among many of the selected units to be the official website construction cooperation for China Pavilion and IT operation and maintenance during the Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion renewal. The website construction and IT operation and maintenance that we resposible for have reached a good balance between access speed and network security issues, we deployed security strategies to ensure smooth and safe, such as DDoS attack protection service, security zone service, SSL access maintenance, dedicated line and cloud server, etc.

BlueRoom Lab Construction and Management

In 2004, due to business expansion demand, IBM final selected Bizsmooth to take charge of the BlueRoom lab's building and management work in Pudong ZhangJiang. The laboratory has advanced network communication equipment, including network system, monitoring system, entrance guard system, and security & protection System. The project was finally completed in 2005 and was highly evaluated by VP and GM of the Asia Pacific Region of IBM. After that, Bizsmooth has been responsible for BlueRoom's internal network management and other daily business management.

U.S. Consulate
FCS OpenNet Wiring Project

In 2014, Bizsmooth stood out among the many service providers during multiple rounds of bidding, with technology strength and excellent Dun & Bradstreet credit report, become a service provider for the FCS OpenNet Wiring Project of U.S. Consulate. The project should meet the demand of tight schedule, new technological level and high confidential requirements, and it is also expected to be completed on schedule without affecting the daily office of the U.S. Consulate staffs. By careful planning and organization, attentive construction and active communication, Bizsmooth successfully completed the OpenNet project and passed the project acceptance from the US information officer.

Resident IT Engineer

By sending experienced IT engineers to the enterprise field, and providing 1+N's team services, it will make up for the shortage of IT personnel or the lack of comprehensive technology,
at the same time, it helps the enterprises to optimize the management and reduce the cost of human resources.

IT Personnel
Enterprise Customers

The trained IT personnel are resident in the enterprise, and listen to the arrangement and dispatch of the enterprises.
Enterprise customers get the latest information in the business field from the IT personnel.

IT Personnel
Bizsmooth Technical Team

The IT personnel feedback the complex IT requirements of the enterprise customers to the technical team.
The technical team, as the support of the IT personnel, helps to answer questions at any time and regularly training for the IT personnel.

Enterprise Customers
Bizsmooth Technical Team

Bizsmooth's technology team has professional IT experience, providing IT system consulting, diagnosis and planning, IT project solutions for enterprise customers, and standardize customer IT management.